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Great Basement

Free with signed basement contract

Every client has the opportunity to take advantage of a complimentary one hour consultation with our certified  Interior Designer. Homeowners very much appreciate this service, as it adds refinement to initial concept design and enhances the homeowners vision of possibilities.

For do-it-yourselfers or without signed contract

Great basements don’t just happen. In today’s high-paced society, few people have the time or energy to finish their basement. Many who attempt it quickly discover their venture overwhelming and time-consuming. Despite best intentions, the basement may still remain unfinished after a year; or when completed ends up being far less than it could be. In addition, many do-it-yourselfers are not aware of proper design principles and tricks to make their basement the place they love for years to come.


Why is it so important that your finished basement have the features and design comforts that draw you downstairs regularly? Quite simply because if the basement doesn’t get used, your money was not well spent. We have remodeled many basements for that reason. The job simply wasn’t done well enough in the first place. When your basement is professionally constructed with the right elements, you will routinely find yourself wandering down due to its brightness, comfort, functionality and beauty!


If you are planning to finish your basement yourself but wish for design assistance, we can help. Being that this stage is the most important in your project, you are wise to hand it over to those who know the business and have many years of experience in basement design. Compared to renovations on main and upper floors, basements offer unique challenges and opportunities such as lack of headroom, limited natural lighting, structural support columns, plumbing stacks, and obtrusive duct work to name a few. Our designs take these and other variables into account when customizing your basement layout.


Design Packages

Our design services are available to the do-it-yourselfer in a Standard Design Package ($650 + HST) or the Upgrade Design Package ($795 + HST). Please enquire with us for rates if you are located outside of the London area. 

Standard Design Service

The Standard Design Service includes an on-site visit by a design expert who takes measurements, does a Needs Analysis, and carefully listens to your desires and unique requirements. This, along with thoughtful examination of your basement, gives us the framework to create a great concept layout. We also provide a same day ballpark price to professionally finish your basement should you later decide not to finish it yourself.

Within one week, you will receive a copy of our concept drawing by e-mail. It will illustrate the layout of walls, rooms, special features, appliances and fixtures, along with applicable notes.

Upgrade Design Service

The Upgrade Design Service allows us to use 3D computer graphics to assist those who have difficulty reading or conceptualizing a standard layout drawing. This modern technique is the best way to visualize your basement before construction. The Upgrade Design Service includes all of the above as laid out under the Standard Design Service, plus the ability to view the drawings in a 3D walk through or fly above effect!

Contact us to learn more or to set up an appointment!

I just wanted to say thank you for such quality work. We are really pleased with the way the basement looks, and I know we will be spending lots of time down there for many years to come. It has been a pleasure to work with you, and the workers were all pleasant and conscientious. Each step of the renovation made it look better and better, and the finishing touches really brought it all together. Thank you very much!!

SC and PC